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Natalie Gita (hence the name "NaGita") is the owner of Studio Nagita Photography was born and raised in South Africa and has lived in the Netherlands and now currently lives in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.  After completing high school she studied Fashion Design and freelanced as a bridal and evening wear designer in South Africa. Photography has always been a passion for her and when she moved to the U.S. and after having her second son she realized that photography was a huge part of her life. It's her creative "visual" journal which she wanted to share with others and having had the experience in Fashion Design, she has has a great eye for detail.  Portrait photography is one of her gems, there is so much detail within people, whether it is their expression, their facial features or even their mannerism, this is where she loves becoming creative and sets the mood behind her lens. Once she gets working on the final product after her images have been uploaded, she begins to bring her images to life.  She specializes in portraits, family portraits, newborn portraits, maternity portraits, landscape and nature photography. 

"Bringing images to life, to me, is a unique relationship between the camera and the client/object. I capture true and natural moments and I strive at bringing out the personalities and the beauty of my clients through my images. There is so much beauty around us and within us, it often gets missed and I love capturing that, especially candid moments.  The smiles on my clients faces, emotions or when I receive feedback after they've received their downloaded images is what captures my heart, it is something that will always be treasured.   

It's all in the moments, let's pause them and make them memorable."

                                                                                                          - Natalie 


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